Who Are We?

LCOYs are the regional offshoots of the Conference of Youth, the event to unite youth in the run-up to the COPs, and take place on all continents in more than 25 countries. They are all united by the desire to give youth a voice in the climate change discussion. They also contribute to the brainstorming process for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future and encourage active engagement to combat the climate crisis. Young people are crucial actors when it comes to fighting and living with climate change. With our LCOYs, we offer an easy entry point into the topic of environmental policy and provide a direct opportunity to participate in the UNFCCC process and deliver results to the COP. To do this, they are all networked through YOUNGO and share their output with the global annual COY. In our team we also have people who directly participate in the PreCop in Milan and in the COP26 as youth delegates from their representative countries. Through this multiple engagement, we aim to raise awareness and promote the output of our Climate Rally.

LCOY Germany

The LCOY – Young Climate Conference Germany is a platform for young people. At LCOY Germany, current science and views from all political spectrums are discussed together. Be there!

LCOY & Climates Austria

At the Local Conference of Youth Austria – LCOY Austria for short – you network with other young people between 15 and 30 to tackle the climate crisis. Colourful and empowered. Learn, develop ideas and raise your voice.

LCOY Italia

We decided to join the local COY network (Conference Of Youth on Climate Change) because we want to contribute to the fight against the climate crisis, promote the national debate on this issue and find ways to bring the voice of young Italians into the debate.