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During our bike tour from Munich via Innsbruck to Milan, large events will take place in each of the three cities to address our main topic, zero-emission mobility of the future. In addition, there will be events in many smaller cities along the way.

Date: 16th September 2021 at 7 pm
Location: Old city hall

The event in the old townhall in Munich is the start of our bike tour on sustainable transport and therefore introduces the topic using the specific example of sustainable transport in Munich. In the beginning the 2nd mayor of Munich, Katrin Habenschaden and the british and italian consul in general will direct short speeches to the audience. In the following interactive fishbowl discussion on future vision of mobility in Munich and Europe we will enable a new perspective on the state of transition in Munich and opportunities beyond.

The event is live streamed to reach a broader audience and supported by the city of Munich.


Date: 19th September 2021

The event in Innsbruck aims to be both creative and interactive. In cooperation with the City’s mayor’s office, representatives from the sports sector and experts in the area of mobility from the Universität Innsbruck, the event enables youth to identify action which is already being made. At the same time, we will raise awareness for challenges which remain untackled and want to empower local youth to advocate for change and demand good infrastructure for sustainable travel. We will cooperate with local organisations to foster cross-organisation cooperation and raise people’s awareness about existing initiatives such as the European Mobility Week and the Nature Film Festival which converge with the date of our event.


Date: 26th September 2021 at 5pm

The final event of Climate Rally in Milan will take place in hybrid form with a larger public online and live interaction via special tools. The participants of the tour will arrive in front of the event location and will be welcomed and celebrated by the guests. This is followed by greetings and talks of participants on their personal highlights and learnings. This is supported by the (partwise) output movie of the Climate Rally. Subsequently, we summarize the output from all the events and conversations along the way of the tour and present our visions for zero carbon transport and the transition therein. Afterwards at an aperitif all guests are invited to discuss the results and experiences in small rounds respectively small breakout rooms online.

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